Elwha free of rope, back in service

Repairs are completed and the Elwha returns to service with the Anacortes 4:45 pm sailing to Friday Harbor Wednesday, August 16, 2017. This restores the regular schedule to the Anacortes/San Juan Island routes. Reservations are now available for the remainder of the day. The Friday Harbor 5:30 pm interisland sailing to Orcas, Shaw and Lopez will be delayed up to 45 minutes.


Elwha out of service due to rope around propeller

After experiencing extreme vibration on the M/V ELWHA, divers discovered a significant amount of rope entangled in the boat’s propeller shaft. Divers are currently working to remove the rope and inspect the vessel for further damage. In the meantime, Washington State Ferries has modified its sailing schedule to and from the San Juan Islands, which is as follows:


Council adopts Immigration ordinance

San Juan County Council adopted an ordinance that restricts the activities of the Sheriff's Office, ICE officials, and county employees pertaining to a person's immigration status. They adopted an ordinance  "protecting the legal rights of all county residents, regardless of nationality, place of birth or immigration status"  Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

A group of citizens had petitioned to put an initiative on the General Election Ballot. The council had the option of bypassing the voters and approving it themselves, which is what they did. 


Dump truck hits house in Olga

The driver of a dump truck from Lawson Construction lost control and hit a house in Olga near the Post Office about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, August 15, 2017. According to  San Juan County Undersheriff Brent Johnson, she "lost the brakes".  No one in the house was injured. The driver had minor injuries and was flown to a mainland hospital. Olga is a small hamlet on Orcas Island.


Popeye bites boater

Popeye, the official 'seal' of the Port of Friday Harbor bit a 71-year-old boater at the marina on Thursday, August 3, 2017 according to the Seattle Times. The boater was sitting in his boat with his arm resting on the boat's side when the harbor seal leapt up and bit his arm. No one was trying to feed the seal at the time. A registered nurse on a nearby boat cleaned the wound and bandaged the fisherman''s arm. Popeye is a well known tourist attraction in Friday Harbor. A granite sculpture of the one-eyed seal is in Fairweather Park. According to the Seattle Times this is the first incident of the seal biting anyone.

It's Werling-Sandwith vs McKenna for SJI school board

Ruth McKenna knocked Heather Christensen out of the race for Position 1 on the San Juan Island School Board by 11 votes. The San Juan County Canvas Board met Monday, August 14, 2017 and processed the rest of the ballots - including those that had questionable signatures. . The results were 322 for McKenna and 311 for Christensen. Sarah Werling-Sandwith placed first in the August 1 Top Two primary with a total 774 votes. Neil Curtis was fourth with 211.

Low retires from SJI Fire Commission; apply by Aug 25 if interested

Fire District #3 Commissioner Robert Low retired from his position on Monday, August 9th, after 19 years of service on San Juan Island. Commissioner Low served as Fire Chief of the Town of Friday Harbor Fire Department from 1998 to 2006, as well as San Juan County Fire Marshal. Low moved to Quilcene, WA as fire Chief, and later to East Jefferson as Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal. Since moving back to Friday Harbor, he has served as Fire District #3 Commissioner.


August 15: Public hearing on Immigration Initiative

San Juan County Council has the option of adopting an ordinance that has the same text as Initiative 2017-7 that will appear on the November General Election ballot. The council will hold a public hearing at 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, August 15 for an ordinance protecting the legal rights of all county residents, regardless of nationality, place of birth or immigration status.  Among the things the ordinance will do is restrict the activities of the Sheriff's Office, ICE officials, and not allow the recording of certain information by county employees.

If the council chooses to adopt the ordinance the initiative would not appear on the ballot. 

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