South Whidbey teacher strike in 2015 resulted in 6.8 % increase

South Whidbey School District  teachers went on strike in 2015. According to the South Whidbey Record the strike resulted in a new contract with a 6.8 percent increase and another 5 percent in 2018. The strike lasted five days. The following year the board cut 6.5 positions. So how does our district compare?

The Kitsap Sun has posted salaries of the teachers in all 39 counties in the state.  The information can be viewed here. The Washington K–12 Salary Allocation Schedule for Certificated Instructional Staff is posted on the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website. The state determines the number of teachers it will fund per district. Local school districts can use local funds to pay for more staff and/or pay their staff a higher wage.

Using the Kitsap Sun's database:

A teacher with less than 2 years  experience and a bachelor's degree earns:

$45,661 ($35,700 + $9,961) 0.3 years experience San Juan Island  

$45,350 ($36,638 + $8,712) 1.9 years Coupeville.

$44,849  ($36,181 + $8,668) 1.2 years experience South Whidbey Island

Editor's note: With it being the weekend, we were unable to obtain the pay schedules for each district. We did our best to compare apples to apples by finding teachers with similar experience and assignments. We were unable to find a comparable Orcas teacher salary (less than 2 years experience, full time). Visit the Kitsap Sun's database to make your own comparisons with any of the school districts in the state. 

A teacher with more than 16 years experience and a masters degree earns:

$83,763 ($67,289 + $16,474) in South Whidbey

$83,287 ($67,288 + $15,999) in Coupeville 

$82,764 ($67,288 + 15,476) on San Juan Island

$80,736 ($67,288 + $13,448) on Orcas Island

The base salaries for San Juan Island teachers  is identical to the state's K-12 allocation schedule. To view the salary charts from the contract that expired August 31, 2017 please go here. Both the base salary table and the responsibility stipend table are posted at the end of the article on that page. (For some reason they both wouldn't show up on this page. We apologize for the inconvenience.)  



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