Ferries: All 5 back in service in the San Juans Featured

The Anacortes/San Juan Islands and Anacortes/Sidney ferry routes resumed their regular Summer 2017 schedule today, Wednesday, August 9, 2017  after the Yakima rejoined the route. The Yakima’s return means the route can return to its regular five-boat schedule.

Passengers can resume making vehicle reservations for the rest of this week and beyond at www.takeaferry.com, and customers with existing reservations will be able to keep their initial bookings.

The Yakima was taken out of service in mid-July due to generator problems. It was expected to be out of service for three weeks. Washington State Ferries had the generator fixed and some other work done at the same time. WSF ran an emergency schedule until a replacement boat for a couple of weeks until the Samish was brought in to take the Yakima's place.

Then this week, the Samish developed problems with its number two engine and had to be taken out of service. An alternate schedule was used for two days, August 7 and 8. With the arrival of the Yakima on August 9, the Anacortes/San Juans and Anacortes/Sidney ferry routes were back in full service.

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