Recount likely in SJI School board race for Position 1

When there are more than two candidates vying for an elected office, a Top Two primary election narrows the field down to two candidates for the general election. Updated results for the San Juan Island School District Board of Directors Position 1 have Ruth McKenna leading Heather Christensen by two votes for second place. McKenna has 304 (19.47% of the votes) compared to Christensen’s 302 (19.35%). 

Additional ballots still need to be counted, including late-arriving mailed ballots, ballots with “cured” signatures, and other ballots cleared for counting by the San Juan County Canvassing Board. 

Auditor Milene Henley estimates there may be 25 more votes to count before the election is certified on Tuesday, August 15. In order to protect the secrecy of the voters, all ballots will be held and processed together on Monday, August 14, 2017. 

Once all the votes are counted, if the difference between the two contests is .25% or less, a hand recount is required by state law. If the difference is between .25% and .50%, a machine recount is required.

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