Runway closures at Ault Field NAS Whidbey Island

Routine annual repairs to Runway 7/25 at Ault Field at NAS Whidbey are scheduled from July 10 through August 30, 2017.

During that time planes can only take off and land heading either Northwest or Southeast using Runway 14/32, and are more likely to use a landing approach and departure that brings aircraft over eastern Oak Harbor and northern Camano Island.

Under single runway operating conditions, the air station is limited to the choice of only two directions for take-off and landing rather than the usual four. That choice is based on the prevailing wind direction at the time.

Scheduled maintenance dates may shift due to early completion or work stoppage due to weather.

As a reminder, NAS Whidbey Island established a comment line and email address where community members can express their thoughts, concerns, and issues.

The new phone number for this service, including noise complaints or concerns, is (360) 257-6665. The phone messaging system is undergoing repairs. People are encouraged to use the alternative email for comments to “”.


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