SJCT Original Works Project - Register by May 10

Join San Juan Community Theatre for a summer of writing and workshops, culminating in the creation of 10-minute plays presented in the Gubelman Theatre. The 2017 Theme - "It Happened in the Park" is in partnership with the National Park Service.

The Original Works Project has three primary focuses:

· Education – to offer guidance for local playwrights, directors and actors on the creation of original works for the stage.

· Collaboration – to implement an environment of group effort in which outside feedback, personal evaluation and team work between writers, directors and actors nurture the creative process.

· Production – to provide the opportunity for further play development with rehearsals leading up to a final weekend of performances (or a reading) in the Gubelman Theatre.

From conception to performance, Original Works Project provides resources at every step of the journey. The program aims to expand the playwright's resources beyond simply sitting alone in front of a computer. With this goal in place, writing for the stage becomes a dynamic conversation between performers, playwrights and outside eyes. At the base of the Original Works Project is the understanding that a strong collaborative element in the development process creates a deeply enriched final product.

The Original Works Project welcomes writers, performers and directors of all experience levels to explore the art of writing for the stage; to engage with other theatre artists through honest and supportive feedback; and to expand their own range of expression.

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