County considers Housing Action Plan January 24

The affordable housing crisis in San Juan County was the subject of the San Juan County Affordable Housing Workgroup. A draft Strategic Action plan, including a vision, identified housing needs, three strategies, 16 actions, an Implementation timeline, and measures to monitor success. The work group's draft plan will be presented to the county Council at their meeting Tuesday, January 24, 2017 in the Legislative Building at 55 Second Street in Friday Harbor. 

The complete draft plan can be viewed on the county's website. Go here and then click on the links next to the agenda item. 

Recommended Actions: - the group says the actions should be implemented within the identified time frame

  1. Identify and pass a local affordable housing funding measure.
  2. Develop a capital account to be used to purchase existing units when available.
  3. Expand home repair and weatherization programs.
  4. Develop a public/private partnership program to build affordable housing units and explore using publicly owned land to construct units.
  5. Regulate vacation rentals (e.g. yearly permit with fees, inspections, ensure lodging tax is collected, add an impact fee to be used for affordable housing)

Identified Housing Needs:

  1. Long-term Rentals - Serving individuals making between $15 -$20/hour; Rent Range $700 -$1,200/month.
  2. Long-term Rentals - (studios & one-bedroom units); Serving individuals with limited or fixed incomes; Rent Range $0 -$700/month.
  3. Long-term Rentals - Serving Individuals making over $20/hour; Rent Range $1,200 -$2,000
  4. Short-term, Reduced Amenity Housing -  (e.g. dorms, studios, shared occupancy); Serving Seasonal Temporary Worker; Rent Range $400 -$500/month
  5. Home ownership -  Price Range $80,000 -$275,000
  6. Housing with Supportive Services  - (e.g. Transitional or Group Housing)

Workgroup Members:

Bob Jarman -County Council

Richard Brown -Lopez Village Market

Duncan Wilson -Town Administrator

Greg Winter -Opportunity Council

Lisa Byers -OPAL Community Land Trust

Steve Hushebeck -Visitors Bureau & Town Council

Jacob Linnes -Island Market

Brent Snow -San Juan Island School District Board

Jason Linnes -Island Market

Janet Brownell -Orcas Island School District Board

Sandy Bishop - Housing Bank Commission & Lopez Community Land Trust

Erica Shook -San Juan County Department of Community Development

Libbey Oswald -Kings Market

Mark Tompkins -San Juan County Health & Community Services

Peter Kilpatrick -Ravenhill Construction


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