Bellingham Bay Builders donate labor to San Juan Home Trust Project

Providing a much appreciated boost, a crew of 13 carpenters from Bellingham Bay Builders volunteered their time and skills on February 24 and 25 to assist with progress of the current San Juan Community Home Trust’s affordable housing project, Sun Rise II.

The crew built decks and porches on three of the renovated houses that were barged in from Canada and are nearing completion. The houses are expected to be ready for occupancy within the next month.

Each member of the group donated 12 hours of labor, with a total value of $7,800. The Home Trust provided lunches and housing for the volunteers, who considered their trip to San Juan Island as their “retreat”, while helping with an affordable housing project. San Juan Airlines generously donated air transportation for most of the group between Bellingham and Friday Harbor.

Bellingham Bay Builders is a worker's cooperative located in Bellingham, WA and founded in 2004 that believes "in seeking opportunities to use their talents for the enrichment of their community through charitable work.” Their website also says “We believe in democratic decision-making and a fair distribution of profits.”

When asked how they learned about the Home Trust, they said they had volunteered for another Community Land Trust organization in Leavenworth, and did a Google search for a similar type of organization. The San Juan Community Home Trust is most grateful for their generosity.


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