September 5: Film: "Land of Mine" at SJCT

SJCT Summer Film Series presents a screening of "Land of Mine "   at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 5 at Whittier Theatre at San Juan Community Theatre.

They’re boys, all of them: scrawny, scared, old enough to die for their country, too young to even grow beards. They crossed Europe as invaders, the smallest cogs in the German war machine. Now the war is over but not for these barely pubescent soldiers, forced into new service after being captured on the battlefield. To earn safe passage back to their homeland, they must perform a daunting task: clear away the active land mines buried along the coast of Denmark. They will spend all day every day on their hands and knees, sifting through sand and carefully disarming rusty explosives. They will receive little food and less kindness from the country their country occupied. When they’re injured—hands reduced to bloody stumps by the bombs on the beach—they will cry out for mothers that will never hear them. When they die, no one will cry for them.

It’s nothing new, expressing sympathy for those on the other end of the rifle; Grand Illusion, cinema’s most celebrated and civilized POW story, got there 80 years ago. But there’s still a hard-nosed integrity to any film that reserves some pity for the vanquished villains of World War II—at least the youngest of them, Germany’s veritable child soldiers—while still understanding how difficult it might be for a Nazi-ravaged Europe to see these boys as anything but the enemy, reaping what they violently sowed. The Danish drama Land Of Mine does just that, retelling one of World War II’s countless dark chapters: the cruel and unusual deployment of German POWs as land mine disposal units, blown to smithereens for the sins of their superiors..

Film is 1 hours and 40 minutes long. Rated R

Tickets - Adult/$8; Under 25/$5 - can be purchased online or at the box office

A Punch Card is available to see all 10 films in the series: $55/Adult; $35/Under 25 years old (You may purchase on-line and pick up punch card at Will Call)

The SJCT Summer Film Series features a variety of independent and feature films on 10 Tuesdays between June 20 and September 19.

August 29 TBA

September 5 Land of Mine

September 19 Limbo


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