Analysis of Management Situation for National Monument released

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  released the Analysis of the Management Situation (AMS), a step in the development of the Resource Management Plan (plan) for the San Juan Islands National Monument (Monument) on May 24, 2016. The AMS provides a snapshot of what the BLM knows about Monument lands and resources and some of the management ideas it will explore through the plan.

Because it is only intended as a snapshot, the AMS does not provide the level of detail, background information, references, or definitions that will be included in the draft plan. While the AMS is a stand-alone document that will not be revised, the BLM will update and add to the information included in the AMS as it develops the introduction, affected environment chapter, and no action and action alternatives for the draft plan.

The management opportunities described in the AMS are preliminary and will be discussed in much greater detail in the draft plan, which will include an array of possible approaches to managing the national monument.

While the BLM accepts comments at any time, there is no formal comment period for the AMS. Any comments received will be considered as it continues to develop the draft plan. For more information, or to read the AMS, please visit

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