Home made dog biscuits available at SJI Farmers Market

The very industrious Luc Diaz has been selling his home made dog biscuits for half his life. The 14-year-old boy started his business at age seven when he lived in Maui. He was a gymnast and wanted a trampoline. After brainstorming with his mother Maria and experimenting with recipes, he started baking dog biscuits. He focused on dog-bone shapes that turned out to be more popular than paw-shaped.

In the past year, Luc and his mother moved to San Juan Island from Petersburg, Alaska.  In Alaska he was a dog handler at two Iditarods and helped calm the dogs down before the races. 

Luc, who is home-schooled, also keeps busy doing odd jobs including dog sitting and walking.

He plans to be at the San Juan Island Farmers Market from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 8 at Brickworks in Friday Harbor. He will be at the Grange table.

To contact Luc email akmountainmutts@yahoo.com

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