Fundraiser for islander with Parkinson's

Long time islander, Cynthia Elliot, is hoping to have Focused Ultrasound Therapy to treat Parkinson's Disease. She found out about the treatment from a TED Talk by Dr. Neal Kassell including author John Grisham and a healed former Parkinson's patient.

Aaron D'Errico, Cynthia Elliott, Adam D'Errico

A fundraiser has been started on GoFundMe. As of Tuesday, August 29 $3,630 has been raised. The goal is $50,000.

Aaron D'Errico wrote about his mother and the fundraiser on GoFundMe

"My Mother, Cynthia , is a lifelong ability advocate and the epitome of altruism.

"She is a champion of helping others, both before and since I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age one, soon after becoming a massage therapist to help me and so many more in the process.

"After a lifetime of helping to empower people of all ability levels she is currently living with Parkinson’s, so I've turned to crowdfunding to help raise the $50,000 cost of Focused Ultrasound therapy for Parkinson's.

"Meanwhile, Mom is doing everything she can to improve, inspired by the Focused Ultrasound Therapy TED Talk video, below, with Dr. Neal Kassell, esteemed author John Grisham, and a healed former Parkinson's patient, shown at 12:12, below, and also another Focused Ultrasound video from Dr. Sanjay Gupta and, directly below.

"In closing, my Mother is a hero to me and all who know and love her and you will be a hero to my Mom, my family and me by contributing to and sharing this, helping Mom heal and thrive again."

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