SJCT Executive/Artistic Director resigns

The San Juan Community Theatre' Executive/Artistic Director Bobby Ryan will be leaving his position in early December of this year.

In a letter to the SJCT board, he stated, “I am honored to have been a steward of this magnificent organization. I treasure the many projects we have created and the goals we have accomplished. Relationships with the members, patrons, and staff of this dynamic community will forever be cherished.” He thanked the Board of Trustees for their “deep and sincere dedication to his vision and work with the San Juan Community Theatre.“

In their press release, the Board of Trustees expressed their sadness at Ryan's  decision and expressed deep gratitude for the creativity, lively spirit, new vision and energy he brought to the theatre community. The board wrote that we are happy to hear that Bobby and Tyler Ryan hope to remain on the island and continue as part of the theatre community.

Members of the board  wished to express their gratitude to all of the staff, volunteers, donors, members, and patrons for their faithful support and commitment through this last year of challenges. San Juan Community Theatre’s board and staff remain committed to enriching lives through the gift of the arts in the island community.


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