Pet of the Week: Sassy

Say there. You. Yes you…the one with the t.v. remote control in your hand and the empty bag of Cheetos. I see you there on the couch in your sweat pants. I’m wondering what you might think about going for a walk. With me. Sassy. I’m the one in the photo. I’m pretty sure you’ll like me. Everyone says I’m a very nice young lady with lovely manners. I have lots of energy and would be happy to help you get up off that couch…. We could start out slow with a nice walk around the neighborhood and work our way up to Jackson Beach and maybe even a hike up Mount Young. What do you say? Is it a deal? I wasn’t going to say anything, but those sweat pants make your butt look big.

For more information about dogs and cats waiting to be adopted visit the  Friday Harbor  Animal Shelter website or call 360.378-2158.

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