Pet of the Week: Rio

Hello There. I’m a good dog. At least that’s what I’m told. Actually, I’m told I’m a perfect dog, but I don’t like to brag. My name is Rio. I’m an international man of mystery, so I can’t tell you my last name. That would be indiscreet. Johnson. My last name is Johnson. (I have such a hard time being discreet.) So, you can call me Rio or Mr. Johnson, or Rio Johnson – or really just about anything you like, just so long as you’re willing to throw the ball for me or join me in a friendly little game of rope tug.

My background is a bit mysterious, but I can tell you that I was rescued from the streets of Mexico and brought here to start my new life. I’m a mid-sized model, too! Perfect for car rides and hiking! Stop by the animal shelter soon to meet me!

For more information about dogs and cats waiting to be adopted visit the  Friday Harbor  Animal Shelter website or call 360.378-2158.

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