Pet of the Week: Sponge Bob Square Pants

I say, chaps – you wouldn’t by chance fancy a game of rope pull or ball throwing, would you? Perhaps we could meet up for elevenses or a brisk stroll? My name is Sponge Bob Square Pants, but my mates just call me “Bob”. As you can see, I’m a snappy dresser and we would make a handsome couple, you and I……There is just the one little thing I should tell you. You see….. how to put it? The thing is, you should know I’m in a committed relationship with this charming girl, “Angie”. We’re a pair, we are, and can’t bear to be apart. Might you have room in your home and heart for the both of us? Cheerio! Do stop in at the Animal Shelter to meet us soon!

For more information about dogs and cats waiting to be adopted visit the  Friday Harbor  Animal Shelter website or call 360.378-2158.

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