SHIBA works

Thursday, April 6, Todd Dixon and Stella Ng from the Washington Insurance Commissioner’s Office met with twelve volunteer insurance counselors from San Juan and Skagit counties to review SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefit Advisors) program success and present service awards. Island Hospital, the area program contractor, hosted the breakfast meeting as part of the regular monthly update training session for volunteers.


Roundabout to be installed in September

In order not to overwhelm Town residents and visitors, Friday Harbor Town Council decided to wait until fall to install the mini-roundabout on Spring Street. In the meantime, drivers will be adjusting to the new Pocket Park. Drivers will no longer be able to pass vehicles on the right in front of the theater. 

"I think the roundabout in the addition to the park at the same time would cause heads to explode," said Town Administrator Duncan Wilson during the council's discussion Thursday, April 6, 2017. 

April 2017 version of the proposed roundabout. 


Town not connecting with county's name choice

The new road that will go through the gravel pit and connect Pear Point and Turn Point Roads on San Juan Island will be named by the San Juan County Council. They have shown a preference for calling it "Connector Road". The construction is a joint project of the County and Town with funding from the federal government. The Town Council's preference for naming the road is "Missing Mountain Road" a nod to Mount Baldy which was hauled away barge load by barge load as part of LaFarge's gravel pit business. 


Wolf Hollow resuming Marine Mammal Rehab Program

Resuming rehabilitation for harbor seal pups has been a top priority for Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center since the temporary suspension of its marine mammal program in 2016, primarily due to a lack of funding. After many months of diligent work to assess facility needs and raise funds, Wolf Hollow will be accepting injured harbor seal pups again this summer.


Human activities source of orcas woes

NOAA photo

Seven orcas, members of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population, died in 2016 reducing the population of the endangered whales to 78. On March 6, 2017, SeaDoc Society working with NOAA Fisheries and National Marine Mammal Foundation, convened a meeting with marine experts from the U.S. and Canada for "for an urgent consultation on the nutritional condition of the SRKW."

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