From the Archives 2000 and 2001 articles about OPALCO's fiber-optic network

Islanders who were living here in 2000, may remember the big decision OPALCO faced about whether to purchase more fiber optic lines than the co-op's system required.

The forward-thinking board voted unanimously to purchase 12 fibers. The decision had to be made then in order to be done as part of the new electrical lines Bonneville was installing.

A dozen years later, when a communication crisis hit the residents who fought against the purchase - it wasn't needed, new technology would soon make fiber optic obsolete - have been proved wrong. The progressive decision made by the OPALCO board looks wiser than ever.

Posted below are two stories, one from 2000 and the other from 2001. Also posted is the OPALCO Fiber Optic Mission and Vision Statement.


OPALCO earns top communications awards

At the Northwest Public Power Association's annual Northwest Innovations Conference in September, OPALCO was honored with two of the top Excellence in Communication awards: first place for best annual report publication (2012) and another first place for a collection of commemorative items created for the Co-op's 75th Anniversary celebration.

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