Turf Times

Standing on one side of the fence and looking into the football field as it filled up with middle-school and high-school students was heart-wrenching. I had to keep myself from sobbing out loud. It was an unexpected response; I was there to be of support not a wreck on the sidelines. But something else took over. Their innocence, and all their losses perpetrated by the rest of us. This besieged and plundered earth; an entitled economic system exploiting their future; the rising tides of paranoia and fear being perpetrated for the sake of perverted power; how they have become targets of the dispossessed, the insane, the manipulators, all who so willingly destroy innocence for the sake of exploitation.


Turnage: Vote Yes for schools

To the Editor,

I would like to urge voters in our community to extend the existing Educational Programs and Operations Levy. It has come to my attention that if this levy does not pass, our public school district will have to cut 1.92 million dollars out of existing, already financially strained programs. My affiliation with our school district has allowed me to recognize the immense value that our community support brings to our future leaders. My hope is that you will join me in voting YES FOR SCHOOLS.

Thank you,

Bo Turnage


Ayers: Vote yes on school levy April 24

Dear Editor

We encourage all eligible voters to join us and vote YES for our children, schools, and community in the upcoming election on April 24th. The renewal of the Educational Programs and Operations (formerly the M&O) Levy will help ensure that our students continue to receive a first-rate education in Friday Harbor.


ASKXXI: Arts+Science Knowledge - Building and Sharing in the XXI Century

In 2004, under serendipitous circumstances after my first year of graduate school in UW’s Biology Department, I found myself at Friday Harbor Labs taking the Comparative Embryology course taught by Richard Strathmann and George von Dassow.

Having moved to Seattle from Chile the previous year, I’d roughly navigated the first year of grad school exploring my role in scientific research and my overall interests and passions in scientific illustration, pedagogy and visual arts. I found in the Comparative Embryology course a uniquely fruitful playground, led by inspiring and knowledgeable mentors with whom I could explore the beautiful diversity of life’s earliest stages. In a pedagogical world driven by graded tests, exams and reports, I had the rare opportunity to reflect, at the same time both deeply and playfully, on the ecology and evolution of embryos’ development. The only stated expectation of the course was to “look very closely,” ask questions, and remain open to gaining new understanding while in close proximity to the tools and community to support that process.


March 2018 Skygazing from the Robert Ferguson Observatory

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn decorate the morning sky, and Venus is joined by Mercury in the evening sky. This is the best evening apparition of Mercury in 2018. And we have another chance this month to view the Zodiacal Light in the west. Jupiter is becoming very dominant and well worth observing in the a.m. hours as it approaches opposition.


Horoscopes by Triana February 27-March 3, 2018: Pisces Planets Now Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, Grand Trine in Fire on Wednesday, Full Moon in Virgo on Friday

Well, then! Now that last week’s messiness is over with and the Olympics are over (I miss them too), we get on to different frequencies this week; the planets that squared up with Mars last week are now in a lovely trine to Jupiter. This brings clarity and truth to formerly muddy situations and hopefully settles arguments that were emotionally charged but lacking any tangible facts. Next week will bring a completely different landscape, but this week we still have some sorting to do as we begin the month of March and move closer to the Vernal Equinox.


Horoscopes by Triana March 5 - 11, 2018 Mercury and Venus Move to Aries, Mars to Trine Uranus on Sunday

Now the pace picks up as the element of water gives way to that of fire; Venus, Mercury, Mars and Uranus all occupy fire signs now and this sets the tone for decisive action as well as some surprises that come out of nowhere. Where water tends to be reflective, mysterious and somewhat vague, fire is right there, bright and visible from a distance. As we approach the vernal equinox and the true spring, we’re called upon to dry out the damp corners of our minds and hearts and get ready to roll. This shift in energy is also reflected on the world stage due to the Mars/Uranus buildup; Mars in Sagittarius insists on camaraderie while mighty Uranus is ready to throw bolts of lightning to quicken any action taken and throw some chaos into the mix. The upside of this is creative thinking, the downside is careless words and actions that prompt angry reactions.