Cook: Film documenting Men's RIghts Movement screened June 24 in FH

When feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs. Jaye had only heard about the Men’s Rights Movement as being a misogynist hate-group aiming to turn back the clock on women’s rights, but when she spends a year filming the leaders and followers within the movement, she learns the various ways men are disadvantaged and discriminated against. The Red Pill challenges the audience to pull back the veil, question societal norms, and expose themselves to an alternate perspective on gender equality, power and privilege.



Unlike liquor, your water source in San Juan County is not guaranteed and must be acquired and cared for.

When you first consider purchasing an unimproved parcel of land you should condition your purchase upon a satisfactory water source. The days of clients purchasing land without the water source determined are long gone. Further, if one hopes to use institutional financing, the lender will require that the water source be acceptable in quality and quantity. Lenders will also require a valid septic system permit and access to an electrical power provider.


Thank you from PADS

All of us involved in Parkinson's Alert Dogs (PADs for Parkinson's) are profoundly grateful for the recent grant from the San Juan Island Community Foundation. The funding was specifically from the San Juan Island Women's Fund (a pooled Donor Advised Fund), several other Donor Advised Funds, and a private pass-through donation in support of our program to train dogs to detect Parkinson's Disease.


Wagner: Waldron Dock in bad shape

San Juan County Commissioners Friday Harbor WA:

I live on Waldron and we are served by a county dock which is the only year round dock on the Island. It is used for loading and unloading the mail, passengers and freight. In March of 2016 it was in bad shape and the head of Public Works who had seen the dock when he visited said that his crews would fix it soon. The county commissioners came in August of 2016 we asked why it was still not repaired and again were told it would be fixed in a very short time. The Council chairman who we share with the Orcas district was particularly adamant that it would be done within weeks.


Event Equipment for loan at your Library!

The San Juan Island Library is pleased to add a new collection to our already wide range of borrowable items: Event Equipment. You can now borrow a digital projector and Windows laptop to for your meetings and presentations. In addition, the event equipment collections includes a portable screen, portable easel, Bluetooth audio speakers, and even a tiny sports video camera to document your adventures or to make movies.


History Lives Here at the Library in May

History Lives Here is celebrated in the islands throughout the month of May, and the San Juan Island Library has a full schedule of local history programs. We start off the month with a Know Your Islanders Talk featuring Boyd Pratt and Sandy Strehlou, who will be describing some very local travel: “Know Your Island Barns” featuring Barn Watching 101 via the interactive maps on the Historic Barns of the San Juan Islands website.