Extinction in the Salish Sea

Extinction. It is a word running rampant through the lexicon of these times. From the smallest of insects to the largest of mammals, these days, extinction is defining the horizon for too many forms of life on earth. And it's happening right here, in the waters of the Salish Sea and on the shores of San Juan Island.


Danaher and Palmer: Thanks for making the Film Fest a success

Dear Editor

The Friday Harbor Film Festival needs to thank so many people who gave their time and energy to this 5th annual event!! We could not continue without our wonderful and dedicated volunteers, assisting us at every level. Plus, the fantastic venues, their existing staff with a special shout out to all at the SJC Theatre and our newest venue the Palace Theater Aaron the manager was a joy to work with and helped us immeasurably. Plus our generous sponsors helped tremendously by buying ads in our program and sponsoring films.


Lindstrum: Thanks to all supporters

To the voters and supporters:

Thank you all so much. No one gets elected by themselves. My heartfelt appreciation to all who wrote letters, hosted events, contributed to the campaign, spoke up, and voted! I am honored, and humbled by your support, and belief in me. There's a lot of work to do, and I hope you will all be there to support the hospital commission.


Anna Lisa Lindstrum


Edward Sylvester Morse, 1838-1925 Part of his Legacy: a Shared Japan/U.S. Scholar Exchange Program at FHL

Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was a greatly admired scientist and educator both in the United States and Japan. In the limited time he spent in Japan (1877-1883), one of the most important things E.S. Morse did was establish the first marine laboratory in the Pacific at Enoshima in 1877.


Daly: Vote for Lindstrum for SJI Hospital Board

Dear Editor,

Anna Lisa Lindstrum is an excellent choice for Commissioner of our San Juan County Public Hospital District #1. As a 17-year resident, a mother and a trusted business person, she is committed, caring and qualified to address the challenging aspects of the healthcare landscape of San Juan County, including Peace Health, Planned Parenthood, EMS, and the current issue with the Life Care Center.


Dean: Thank you to Life Care Center staff

To the personnel of Life Care Center of San Juan Island,

My dad was a resident at the Life Care Center for approximately 2 years. I just want to thank everyone there for taking care of him while he was there. I wanted to send a “thank you” before it all dissolved, but time ran out so here I am saying it after the fact.


Johnson: Support Marrett for FH Port Commission

To the Editor, It is a shame to see a candidate who has conducted a positive campaign and given so much to her community personally attacked in a letter to the editor by Melissa Alspaugh, an individual who is not even an island resident. It’s why good people, like Barbara Marrett, might be reluctant to run for office. Fortunately, Barbara is made of stronger stuff.


Agosta: In support of Anna Lisa Lindstrum

Please join me in voting for Anna Lisa Lindstrum for Hospital Commissioner Position #2. Anna Lisa will bring to the position a fresh intelligence, commitment to the health care of all San Juan Islanders, and a willingness to work with others to accomplish what is in the best interests of us all. It is past time to bring a new generation of citizens to the Hospital District Commission. A vote for Anna Lisa is a vote for tomorrow!

Karin Agosta


Cohen: Supporting Keith Carver….A Different Perspective

I am writing this letter in support of Keith Carver for Port Commissioner. Keith has impressed me as an intelligent, accomplished, capable man who cares about the Port and would represent his constituency well addressing their concerns and listening to their input. I want to be clear that I truly believe that Barbara Marrett deserves a great deal of thanks and appreciation from this community for her many years of service to the Port. I concur with previous letters of support that she is knowledgeable, intelligent and honestly cares about the Port’s success. Last year was unquestionably not a shining moment for our commissioners, however out of that failure came an excellent executive director well suited to lead our port into a prosperous future.