Horoscopes by Triana April 16-22, 2018 - Mercury Now Direct in Aries, Chiron Moves to Aries on Tuesday, Sun Moves to Taurus on Friday

We have some big stuff coming up! Now that Mercury is direct and things are righting themselves, we see Chiron (the Wounded Healer) changing signs on Tuesday. Chiron is an asteroid/planetoid that has gained importance in astrology over the past four decades or so due to its tangible influence in charts. Chiron was a centaur in mythology. He was immortal as a demigod and took a hit with a poisoned arrow during a battle. Not able to die but forever lame, he is said to have retreated into a cave and taught future heroes such as Achilles.


SJIMA Board: Thank you to Community Foundation of the San Juan Islands

The board of the San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA) would like to thank the Community Foundation of San Juan Islands for its support. Working with the many island nonprofits helps keep the Community Foundation current in community needs and projects. Because of their contribution, SJIMA can address issues of database coordination and upgrading and technology renovation. These needs do not sound exciting, but are core infrastructure ones we have wanted to address and the Community Foundation understands this.


Bormann: Response to editorial about Land Bank

The volunteer Land Bank Commission evaluates and approves potential projects at its monthly meetings which are publicly advertised and open to all. In the case of the Kilpatrick property at 328 Caines St. in Friday Harbor, this was first discussed at the Commission meeting last September and in every meeting since for seven consecutive months. In the February and March meetings there was an advertised public hearing on an amended budget which included this project. The was followed by a public hearing in front of the County Council to approve the budget on March 26th. By this time we had secured an appraisal and had executed a purchase and sale agreement with the seller. The last step in the process is for the Council to accept the deed which is followed by the actual closing of the transaction. This last step, which is typically pro forma, happened at the Council meeting on Lopez this week. Overall the public had 11 opportunities over a 7-month period to comment.

This project will permanently protect Driggs Historic Park on Argyle Avenue which is currently only open to the public via a revocable recreational license. In addition, the Driggs House, where the Land Bank office is, was constructed in 1896 and is, in fact, on the cover of the town’s historic preservation manual. While the Land Bank will continue to operate from this location for the foreseeable future; if the property is sold the house would be encumbered by an historic preservation easement.

With regard to the Land Bank’s role in helping preserve the lower Argyle neighborhood you are correct in that we purchased a historic preservation easement on one home in 2002. At that time, the remaining houses in the neighborhood were at risk of being torn down for new construction. Additionally, the lots at the corner of Argyle and Malcolm Street were purchased with the goal of placing an historic preservation easement on them to ensure whatever might be built on the property fit with the character of the neighborhood. This easement is now about to be put in place. Following the initial Land Bank involvement several individuals purchased and/or restored, or even moved, historic houses on their lots. They are absolutely to be commended for their efforts. The community should be proud to see the heritage embodied by these structures alive and well whoever the owner or by whatever mechanism. We are all better off for it.

Lincoln Bormann, Director San Juan County Land Bank



April is National Poetry Month and the San Juan Island Library is celebrating it in grand style!

We’ve moved the (Dewey Decimal) 811 section--American and English poetry--to a place all by itself on the other side from Graphic Novels (near the adult computers). It’s just a few short steps away from the Display Table, which features a world-wide selection of poetry--from very local (San Juan Island) to local (San Juan Islands) to regional (Pacific Northwest) to national to global. There’s a nice selection of poems in translation: for example, try Spanish (Pablo Neruda) or Polish (Czeslaw Milosz), or Japanese haiku (Basho, Issa, and company).


Weaver: Local nursing facility needed

I'm writing about the sudden disappearance last November of our Friday Harbor nursing home, the Life Care Center, and the dispersal of its excellent fleet of nurses and staff.  That was an enormous loss for our community.  The most important thing this community could now do would be to organize and then facilitate the construction in Friday Harbor of a world class nursing facility.  In the past we helped finance the building of the hospital, which was a huge project.  Some would regard as equally important a nursing home to care for our aging population. 

April 2018 Skygazing from the Robert Ferguson Observatory

Greetings from RFO (www.rfo.org), Mars and Saturn have a very close encounter in the morning sky early this month, and Jupiter is now very dominant and near its best as it nears opposition, rising in the late evening hours. There are several nice conjunctions of the moon with bright stars and planets and Venus, increasingly prominent in the west, passes near the Pleiades cluster late in the month. And then there are the Lyrid meteors on or around the morning of April 22, 2018.