Loftus: SJPHD takes money from Charitable Fund to give to Planned Parenthood.

San Juan Public Hospital District Commissioners have decided to amend the contract with Peace Health to remove money from the charitable fund used to help people in our community who can’t afford their hospital bills. Our community levy money is the source of the fund. The $50,000 removed will be sent to Planned Parenthood. They report it will be used for cervical cancer screening but this service is already available from doctors at Peace Island Medical Center.

If the commissioners want to use our levy money for causes other than PIMC’s charitable fund the list is long for other medical concerns in our community. Hospice, home health care, mental health treatment, health transportation assistance, the Community Paramedical committee, Senior Fall Prevention programs, nutritional support programs and telemedicine are only a partial list of needs in our community that could be helped before Planned Parenthood, a national organization boasting in 2015 of assets over 350 million and eleven officers with over 6 figure incomes.

Whether you are prolife or prochoice you should consider this a fiduciary mistake to send these funds to PP. Please contact your SJPHD commissioners today at and ask that they consider the real health needs of our community.


Michelle Loftus

San Juan Island

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