LeBlanc: Supports PHD plan

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my support of the plan under consideration by the San Juan Public Hospital District Commission (SJPHD) to take $50,000 of public money back from the Peace Health Island Hospital Contract, and to convey that money to an appropriate service provider.

Peace Health Island Hospital refuses to provide many essential services related to women’s reproductive health. Nor, I am told, do their doctors and staff provide crucial referrals to women in need of these services.

The County and the SJHPD have seen fit to ask Peace Health to return the funds associated with the provision of these services. Why should the public pay for services that Peace Health is not providing?

These are public funds that were levied to meet the general health needs of the public. These are not “charitable” funds. The leadership of the community sought to close a gap in services created by the failure of Peace Healths policies toward womens health.

Let’s not allow the politics of imposing religious beliefs on others determine how public health monies are spent. Moreover, in these islands, who is better qualified to assist with providing and making safe referrals for women’s reproductive health services than Planned Parenthood?

Peg LeBlanc, LMFT

Friday Harbor, WA

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