Dickerson: Time for affordable health care for all

Dear Editor,

Excellent explanation of what is going on with our health care by Congressman Larsen. (Own It, Mr. President’ by Rick Larsen, San Juan Islander, July 31, 2017) I was back in D.C. when Trumpcare failed, because enough members of congress realized it would hurt millions of Americans. Rep. Larsen was hard at work, only taking time for a can of soup and a banana for lunch in the office, but had time to visit for a minute with a concerned citizen. Then continued his work with a smile and hope for a better health care outcome. Now it is time for the bipartisan fix of the Affordable Care Act that the Congressman calls for. Most of our delegation is working for this. They will be able do better if we call and write them asking for affordable health care for all. The entire delegation needs our input.

Thanks to you, Representative Larsen, for listening to constituents and the positive work you do for all Americans.

Willie Dickerson

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