O'Connor: Response to WEC letter

Dear Joan Crooks and other WEC participants, 

I very much so enjoyed your letter in the opinions column of the San Juan Islander and was very pleased to see such an important topic as our climate, front and center like it was. 

I would just like to offer my observations and the research done by Dane Wigington and many other people to be added publicly to this discussion and also as a plea to the people of these wonderful islands and this entire world. It is truth that the climate is changing, however, what many people have failed to realize it that it is not just climate change but climate assault that is affecting the very air we breathe and water we drink every minute of every day and is the number one “CHANGE” happening TO our climate.

The assault comes in the form of man made “chemical geoengineering” and all one must do is look up at our once blue skies to see the spread of aerosols across the vastness. It is an everyday occurrence which seems to go unnoticed by the masses and it needs to be addressed and discussed immediately for any hope of stopping this tyranny to our ecosystem. This is affecting and killing the trees, the oceans, and every single living creature on this planet and it is by far the biggest elephant in the room that we all MUST acknowledge now. 

Please go to geoengineeringwatch.org for detailed information on this ongoing man made climate ASSAULT. I believe if we all wake each other up and identify this madness, then we are each doing our part to solve this problem. 

Thank you for sharing this information in any way you see fit and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on this issue. 


Theresa O’Connor 

Friday Harbor, WA

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