Gaylords: We support Dr. Diane Boteler for Orcas Island Hospital District Commissioner

Dear Editor,

The Gaylord family supports Dr. Diane Boteler for the Orcas Hospital District Commissioner and asks that you vote for her too.

We strongly believe the Commission should have a doctor as a member, especially when revitalizing the rural health care system on Orcas Island. Dr. Boteler has made a life and career as a doctor on Orcas Island. Dr. Boteler knows rural medicine in the northwest having worked for 20 years in general medicine on Orcas Island and Friday Harbor and she also knows the state-of-the-art medicine from practicing in Bellingham.

The Commission will need smart representatives, and that doesn’t come from training at the best colleges (which she has done). It comes also from developing relationships throughout this community and the larger health care community. Dr. Boteler excels at relationships because she is prompt, earnest, kind, and sincere, with the ability to understand people and situations. Dr. Boteler has shown that she can translate what she knows to improved health care for your family and ours.

Please vote for Dr. Boteler.

Randall and Marny Gaylord



Horoscopes by Triana March 26-April 1, 2018 - Sun and Retrograde Mercury in Aries Square Mars in Capricorn, Venus Enters Taurus on Saturday, Full Moon in Libra on Saturday.

The rollercoaster of this week brings things out in the open due to the Sun and retrograde Mercury at a hard angle to Mars. In general, things get lost, stuff goes wrong, scapegoats get blamed, things aren’t fair and we are generally in a state of discontent. Not a tiptop week, but other aspects beneath the current help us maintain our balance (if we have any) and get through it by paying attention, documenting, and double checking. Typical retrograde Mercury protocol.


Horoscopes by Triana April 2-8, 2018 - Venus in Taurus Trine to Mars, Saturn in Capricorn; Mercury Continues to Retrograde in Aries

The best news of the week is powerful Venus in her own sign of Taurus coming into a beautiful trine aspect with Mars and Saturn in structure oriented Capricorn. Both Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn serve different purposes in grounding us and keeping things real. Venus governs self-esteem and this placement gives us an opportunity to grab some discipline and get the job done, whatever it is. Not only that, we feel compelled to do it well, even if we don’t like it! The bonus of this action is that Saturn’s involvement makes the great results long term so don’t underestimate what you’re doing now even if it’s mundane and icky.


Horoscopes by Triana April 9-15, 2018 - Venus in Taurus in Powerful Trine to Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Capricorn; New Moon in Aries on Sunday

Venus is highlighted as the powerhouse this week; she’s in her own sign of Taurus and is receiving harmonious signals from Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Capricorn. This bodes well for all of us because of the solidity and practicality that these signs offer and we have an opportunity to gain some serious ground this week in terms of starting something, changing something, building something or planting something. This week is all about getting our hands dirty and seeing tangible results, both in the short and long term.


Horoscopes by Triana March 19-25, 2018 - Spring Arrives Mars and Saturn Conjoin and Square Sun, Retrograde Mercury

Spring in the northern hemisphere officially arrives Tuesday the 20th, but astrologically the Sun doesn’t enter Aries until Wednesday the 21st. Whichever way we cut it, the equinox is on us and we begin to yearn the warmth of summer, the long days and barbecues and as much time outside as we can possibly get. This week holds a great amount of anticipation and impatience due to Mars and Saturn coming up to a conjunction in practical, stern Capricorn; this conjunction will square the spring Sun in Aries. And that makes for a kind of snarky introduction to the new season. Patience will be hard to come by, folks are likely to be crabby about one thing or another.


Eltinge: Vote Yes on SJISD School Levy on April 24

On April 24th, join me in voting Yes for the San Juan Island School District’s levy renewal. This levy represents vital funding that the school district needs in order to continue offering the programs and services that we currently have. The state still has not fully funded schools, which is why they have authorized local levies. 100% of this levy stays local and funds mandated programs such as special education, and services which are essential but not fully funded by the state, such as Nursing, Counseling, and additional teachers to reduce our class sizes. Join me in supporting our schools by voting Yes.


Adam Eltinge


Fishaut: I haven't retired

To the Editor: Over the past several weeks, a number of folks have “congratulated” me on my retirement. To paraphrase Mark Twain- “the report of my having retired is an exaggeration”.

Misinformation and disinformation have become all too common in our daily lives. I want to reassure the established families in our practice and to those seeking a pediatrician for their kids that on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays they will still find me working and dedicated to providing care for the children and young adults of our beautiful Island.

Mark Fishaut MD FAAP


Turf Times

Standing on one side of the fence and looking into the football field as it filled up with middle-school and high-school students was heart-wrenching. I had to keep myself from sobbing out loud. It was an unexpected response; I was there to be of support not a wreck on the sidelines. But something else took over. Their innocence, and all their losses perpetrated by the rest of us. This besieged and plundered earth; an entitled economic system exploiting their future; the rising tides of paranoia and fear being perpetrated for the sake of perverted power; how they have become targets of the dispossessed, the insane, the manipulators, all who so willingly destroy innocence for the sake of exploitation.


The Morning After Lasts Ten Thousand Years

Thank you to Boyd Pratt and the San Juan Island Library for hosting Lummi leader, Timothy Ballew Sr. at the Grange last evening. It was two hours of deep history from here on San Juan Island, where the Lummi lived and fished and farmed for thousands of years. Ballew remembers his fishing experiences as a youth at the south end of the island where the salmon leaped and danced in abundance “like raindrops in the waters.” The Lummi built Longhouses here to which they returned every year. They buried their dead here in sacred ceremony.