April is National Poetry Month and the San Juan Island Library is celebrating it in grand style!

We’ve moved the (Dewey Decimal) 811 section--American and English poetry--to a place all by itself on the other side from Graphic Novels (near the adult computers). It’s just a few short steps away from the Display Table, which features a world-wide selection of poetry--from very local (San Juan Island) to local (San Juan Islands) to regional (Pacific Northwest) to national to global. There’s a nice selection of poems in translation: for example, try Spanish (Pablo Neruda) or Polish (Czeslaw Milosz), or Japanese haiku (Basho, Issa, and company).


Weaver: Local nursing facility needed

I'm writing about the sudden disappearance last November of our Friday Harbor nursing home, the Life Care Center, and the dispersal of its excellent fleet of nurses and staff.  That was an enormous loss for our community.  The most important thing this community could now do would be to organize and then facilitate the construction in Friday Harbor of a world class nursing facility.  In the past we helped finance the building of the hospital, which was a huge project.  Some would regard as equally important a nursing home to care for our aging population. 

April 2018 Skygazing from the Robert Ferguson Observatory

Greetings from RFO (www.rfo.org), Mars and Saturn have a very close encounter in the morning sky early this month, and Jupiter is now very dominant and near its best as it nears opposition, rising in the late evening hours. There are several nice conjunctions of the moon with bright stars and planets and Venus, increasingly prominent in the west, passes near the Pleiades cluster late in the month. And then there are the Lyrid meteors on or around the morning of April 22, 2018.


Barcoding Seaweeds: the Intersection of Teaching and Research

The best science teaching is intimately related to research, and this is why many researchers also teach summer courses at the Friday Harbor Labs. These courses attract the best undergraduate students from across the U.S. and the best graduate students from around the world. These students ask some of the most insightful and penetrating questions as part of individual or group projects, which can lead to Masters or PhD research and influence an entire research career.


Wilsons: Vote Yes on SJISD School levy renewal

Vote YES for our schools! This year, more than ever it is so important that we vote YES on the school levy. It is NOT a new tax, but a renewal of the one that has existed for many years. The legislature did not fully fund public education as promised, and indeed, the San Juan Island Schools over the next four years will receive LESS funding than before because of the allocation of our property tax dollars across the state. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Our community needs this levy!


Gaylords: We support Dr. Diane Boteler for Orcas Island Hospital District Commissioner

Dear Editor,

The Gaylord family supports Dr. Diane Boteler for the Orcas Hospital District Commissioner and asks that you vote for her too.

We strongly believe the Commission should have a doctor as a member, especially when revitalizing the rural health care system on Orcas Island. Dr. Boteler has made a life and career as a doctor on Orcas Island. Dr. Boteler knows rural medicine in the northwest having worked for 20 years in general medicine on Orcas Island and Friday Harbor and she also knows the state-of-the-art medicine from practicing in Bellingham.

The Commission will need smart representatives, and that doesn’t come from training at the best colleges (which she has done). It comes also from developing relationships throughout this community and the larger health care community. Dr. Boteler excels at relationships because she is prompt, earnest, kind, and sincere, with the ability to understand people and situations. Dr. Boteler has shown that she can translate what she knows to improved health care for your family and ours.

Please vote for Dr. Boteler.

Randall and Marny Gaylord