Grace Academy beats Friday Harbor golf team 201-214

Friday Harbor High School golf team played Grace Academy at Cedarcrest Golf Club in Marysville. Medalists for the match went to Dylan Posenjak from Friday Harbor and Trenton McKinney from Grace both with a 45.

Pictured: l to r, Levi Doenges, Tanner Wilson, Joe Stewart & Dylan Posenjak

Friday Harbor Golf Team (45,53,55,61:214).

Dylan Posenjak 45

Anna Romeo 63

Tanner Wilson 53

Hallie Hargrove 69

Joe Stewart 55

Levi Doenges 61

Peter Kulseth 63

Adam Bates 69

Grace Golf Team (45, 49, 51, 55: 201).

Trenton McKinney 45

Jordan Harris 52

Chase Zachary 54

Josiah Tuiohama 58

Some notable events:

After practicing in the rain for the last two weeks, it would be easy to say our team is a little rusty. I watched one of my players drive the ball over 300 yards to within 10 yards of the green. He chipped his ball from the wet, soggy mud right into the sand trap. Not having confidence in his explosion game, he tried to putt the ball out. After three attempts, he finally chipped it out and then proceeded to three putt for a smooth “balloon on a stick”, 9. I watched another player make a 9 on the first hole and then played the next 8 holes in 4 over par. I lost count on how many 4 putts I saw yesterday; I even saw one player 5 putt.

In conclusion, here are a few things we need to work on over the next few weeks.

Putting, how to lag putt and work on no more than two putts per hole.

Sand shots: when to putt it, when to chip it and when to explode it.

How to take full advantage of casual water and winter rules.

How to prepare yourself for the first shot of the day and how to play hole one.

- Coach Jack Rice

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