Wolverine golf teams best Grace Academy April 18

Friday Harbor High School Golf Coach Jack Rice sent in a report on the Wolverines victories - boys and girls teams - over Grace Academy April 18 at the San Juan Golf Club.

The team has new shirts courtesy of San Juan Golf Club. Coach Rice notes these look the same as the one Sergio Garcia wore winning the Masters last week. Photo courtesy of Bell's Photo Art of San Juan 

Medalist for the match was a three way tie between Dylan, Tanner and Joe, all Friday Harbor Players...

 Some notable events: Dylan, Tanner and Joe continue to play well. When we have three players with about the same ability, we start to see a little internal competition on the team. They want to beat each other to capture that number one spot on the team. As we move into the last couple weeks before the tournament season, our focus is on the short game. These young golfers love to stand on the driving range and pound the drive to see how far they can hit it. For the next three weeks, we are going to focus on the real game of golf, putting and chipping.

 We had a number of personal best during this match. The top three players, Joe, Dylan and Tanner, each made a birdie during the match. If they make a birdie in a match the Coach buys them lunch. If these guys get much better, I might have to up the ante to two birdies in nine holes. First year player Joe Kaden scored a 56, beating his old personal best by 8 shots. 

Anna Romeo broke 60 for the first time this year with a 59 and Jocelyn Roberts had a personal best of 64. Our third lady Wolverine, Hallie Hargrove stumbled a little, but came in with a 68. 

The team that will represent the school during the Tournaments will be made up of six players. The top three spots have been earned. The bottom three positions are wide open. I have 15 guys and anyone of them could break out of the pack and earn a spot. It probably boils down to who spends the most time on the putting green over the next few weeks. 

Our next match is Thursday of this week. It will be a home match against Mount Vernon Christian.

Friday Harbor Golf Team

45, 45, 45, 60: 195  (Best four scores from top six male players)

59, 64: 123 (Best two scores from  female players)


Dylan Posenjak 45 Jr

Tanner Wilson 45 So 

Joe Stewart 45 Sr 

Chase Wilson 60 So

Ian Volk 62 So

Weston Swirtz 68 Fr

Joe Kaden 56 So

Peter Kulseth 61 So

Julian Brown 66 So

Brandon Payne 71 So

Aiden Shannon 73 Fr


Anna Romeo 59 SR 

Jocelyn Roberts 64 Jr 

Hallie Hargrove 68 Jr

Grace Academy

46, 47, 52, 72: 217

68, 72: 140


Trenton M 52

Jordon Harris 46 

Chase Zackery 47

Khyle Alwazon 72


Kayla Lee 68 

Ashley VanDam 72


Coach Jack Rice

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