Nov. 3, 4, 5: Friday Harbor Film Festival

With 32 films showing in seven venues, the 5th Annual Friday Harbor Film Fest is geared to be another success. The festival features documentary films that Entertain – Inspire – Enlighten us about the the people, cultures and environment that make up the area known as the Pacific Rim.

This year documentaries include: "Bluefin, The Last of the Giants" and "Loving Vincent" and "A Good American". TRAILERS for all 32 films are posted online. The SCHEDULE is posted online. 


  1. Whittier Theatre at San Juan Community Theatre (SJCT)
  2. Gubelman Theatre at San Juan Community Theatre (SJCT)
  3. San Juan Island Grange
  4. Palace Theatre
  5. Isle Seat Theatre
  6. Brickworks 
  7. Friday Harbor House 

More information is available on the festival's website.  

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