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May 24: Lorraine McConaghy: Washington at War (WWI)

Lorraine McConaghy presents Washington at War (WWI) at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 24, at  San Juan Island Library. One-hundred years ago in 1917, the US entered The Great War to fight alongside our European allies. But Washington’s homefront experience began long before the country entered the war, and continued afterward.

Led by historian Lorraine McConaghy, the program begins with an illustrated introduction to the war’s themes before offering a “Readers’ Theater:” a script that is read aloud together, allowing participants to speak the history they are discovering. Learn about and discuss this dramatic period of immigration, wartime industrialization, women’s rights, social change, radical labor, epidemic disease, and worldwide turmoil.Refreshments are courtesy of the Friends of the Library. This event is free.

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