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Yoga is commonly recognized as a tool for stress relief, metabolic stimulation, mental clarity and joint mobility. Many recent medical studies have shown that practicing yoga also improves immune health and boosts brain function. Join us for a fun and rejuvenating morning practice! Two, 2-month session available for Registration. Friday’s- February/March, register by January 25, $42 & April/May register by March 22, $40. Class is Held at Island Soul Studios (Formally XYZ) 8:30-9:30am.


• Improves overall health and posture

• De-stress + gain circulation = better immune system

• Promotes mental clarity & brain health

• Increases stamina, muscle tone and joint mobility

• So, come and find your inner peace, and learn about the best self-care and stress-release techniques that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Classes move at a slower pace with opportunities for questions & individual attention. In these classes we focus on breathing exercises, basic alignment, and simple sequences. Taught by movement extraordinaire Katerina Wen, with over 20+ years of professional teaching experience. This class is ideal for any student new to yoga. At the same time, experienced students can enjoy these classes as restorative sessions.

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