Feb. 19-23: DIY Strum Stick Class Featured

Island Rec is holding a do-it-yourself strum stick class. Strum sticks are essentially dulcimers that are played like a guitar and are simple to learn. In this class you will make a strum stick from a kit, which are being produced by a group of Friday Harbor High School STEM students.

Participants will also receive lessons on how to play the strum stick as part of the class and will end up with a beautiful instrument.

This class is costs $45 and discounts are available. $50 thereafter. To buy this instrument typically cost $150-$200, so this is a great deal, with lessons thrown in to boot.

Classes will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school’s mid-winter break, February 19-23 at the Island Rec House at 650 Park Street (next to the track).


Contact Island Rec to register, early fee deadline is Feb. 15.

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