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I am moving into a trailer and need to find a good home for my rescued map turtle. He comes with everything he needs, tank, filters etc. Turtles are very endearing creatures. I hate to give him up but I won't have room. coopdebill@gmail.com  posted 04/17 

ABSOLUTELY FREE~ 32inch screen Toshiba. Like new. Older style “box” TV. 360-378-5068 posted 04/12  

ABSOLUTELY FREE~ Bally Lifecycle programmable exercise bicycle with instruction book. Like new. 360-378-5068 posted 04/12

FREE, Mature, Well-composted Alfalfa Horse Manure: Alfalfa manure is famous for being the best for roses. Last year’s client won first prize at our County Fair for her flowers. Clean and rich. Don’t miss out. You scoop. Easy access. Goes fast. Text 360-622-6502 to make appt. Ten minutes from town, mid-island. posted 04/12

Older jetted hot tub includes cover. Has not been operated since last year. Free to a good home: 360.378-6792. posted 04/07

Beige colored double porcelain kitchen sink. Free! 360.378-6792. posted 04/07   



FOUND: smart phone on 2/22/19 on side of Cattle Pt Rd on SJI. Please email homermcgraw@gmail.com to claim! posted 03/01 




Looking for anyone growing their own hops suitable for brewing beer. Would very much like to buy various hop rhizomes. barnbrewer@gmail.com posted 04/19 


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