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Wanted: little used (both "time" and size) "scroll saw" on San Juan Island! Call 360-4seven2-ten25. I get a lot of robots-calls so please start talking immediately or I'll hang up, especially if I don't recognize the number. If that happens and you'd like to sell your scroll saw, don't be offended, just call right back and I'll be most pleasant. Obviously if no answer, leave a message about the brand of saw and what you're asking, and I'll return your call. Thank you! posted 11/11

Please show me on line, A painting or original print of flowers Want to buy. dickcarleton@gmail.com 360 378 2780 posted 11/11

Wanted: Beginning (though a bit aged) craftsman on San Juan Island needs LEATHER SCRAPS for smaller projects, hand sewing practice and the like. Me thinks you might have a box/tub/shelf with left over leather of different thicknesses and colors that you'll possibly never use. I could also use a stitching pony for hand stitching. I would appreciate both the effort and the leather and tools, so rack your brain of where that box might be stored and give me a call (or email). Will pay reasonable fee for helping you clean out your stuff! Call: 360-four72-ten25. When you call start talking right away or I'll think you are a robocall and hang up. Sorry for being rude! Just call right back and I'll know you are not a computer. If no answer just leave a message. You can also email me at "jmorrison - at - rockisland dot com." Thanks! posted 11/11

Looking for 9.9 or 10HP Outboard Motor Email: elbye@hotmail.com or 425-205-0227 posted 11/08


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