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PHD votes to help fund Planned Parenthood

By a vote of three to one with one San Juan Public Hospital District Commissioner absent, the PHD approved a resolution that gives $40,000 of tax revenue to Friday Harbor Planned Parenthood. The impetus behind the move to help fund PP, was due to religiously-based restrictions on reproductive healthcare available through Peace Health Peace Island Medical Center. PHD negotiated with PIMC to get back $50,000 a year for two years to be used for needs that aren't covered through PIMC.

One of the advantages of the contract is that many medicaid patients go to PP for health screenings alleviating the burden on PIMC's charitable funds. PIMC uses some of its charitable funds to cover the difference between what Medicaid pays and what the actual medical bill is. 

The journey to this milestone was long and controversial and included heated discussions and public comment at PHD meetings. 

The use of the remainder of the $50,000, is still to be determined. 

Barbara Sharp, Monica Harrington, and Bill Williams voted yes. J. Michael Edwards, MD voted no, Mark Schwinge was absent.