Cold nights coming; Severe Weather volunteers needed

United Way of San Juan County is preparing to activate  the Severe Weather Shelter in Friday Harbor for the first time Tuesday night, December 19 at Islands Community Church. The 10-day weather forecast starting  Wednesday, December 20 is for  night-time temperatures below freezing. However at this point there are only enough volunteers signed up for the shelter to stay open one or two nights. 

Two volunteers per shift are necessary.

The organizers sent out this information about how you can help:

Please CLICK HERE to sign up, fill in the slots. We've discovered that this is the only tenable way to manage the almost 100 people whom have indicated an interest in helping.

Feel free to change or edit shifts, but only up to 10 am the day of your shift. We can't activate without two per shift.

If you haven't done the (easy, simple, intuitive) training, don't worry, sign up anyway, we will get the training info to you.

Trained Volunteers, please fill Volunteer1 positions.

If you have not completed the training, sign up for the VOLUNTEER2 or VOLUNTEER IN TRAINING positions.

One trained volunteer per shift is mandatory.

Attend a 30-minute orientation at 5:30 pm  Tuesday, December 19 at Islands Community Church, before the first opening. There we will unpack the shelter from the Red Cross van and set it up, plus a site orientation: fire extinguishers, egress, a few details.

If you have not filled out a background check, email a response and we'll get one to you ASAP - super easy and fast to fill out.

We will publicize the activation once it looks fairly certain we can open for several days in a row. 

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