Appleton not eligible for PHD Commission; is registered to vote in King County not San Juan

Dr. Warren Appleton was appointed to the San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 Commission despite failing to meet the requirement of being registered to vote in San Juan County. According to the Hospital District bylaws: No person shall be eligible to be elected to the office of public hospital district unless he/she is a registered voter within the boundaries of the District.  Appleton, who has resided in the county for six years, is registered to vote in King County.

All of the other six candidates -   Dr. David Balmer, John Manning, David Meiland,  Barbara Sharp, C. Mitchell Shlosser, and Rebecca Smith are registered to vote in San Juan County.

According to county Elections staff, someone from an organization seeking to fill vacancies usually calls to check if candidates are registered as part of the vetting process. 

Appleton cannot be removed from the King County voter rolls until after the Special February Election is certified. It is scheduled to be certified February 23. The rolls are frozen until then.

Attempts to reach the Public Hospital District Superintendent for a comment were unsuccessful. We'll update the story once we hear from her.



  • Mark FIshaut MD FAAP Saturday, 17 February 2018 12:28 Comment Link

    Continued incompetence->rest ipsa loquitur->Edwards MUST resign!!!

  • Mark FIshaut Mark Fishaut MD FAAP FAAP Saturday, 17 February 2018 12:26 Comment Link

    Can there be any rules followed by the PHD? Res ipsa loquitur->
    Edwards MUST resign!!


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