Update from Community Long-Term Care Options Task Force

PRESS RELEASE: To address the crisis created by the closure of the Life Care Center of the San Juan Islands, the Community Long-Term Options Task Force, an ad hoc group of individuals with expertise in healthcare and the community, has been meeting during the last five months to discuss options. We have looked for the best options for San Juan County on the issues of Skilled Nursing, Long-term Affordable Senior Housing, Home Care, Home Health, Workforce Development, and related support systems.

One of our guiding goals in this process has been to clearly define our community needs and formulate conceptual solutions for not only today but for the future as well.

To this end, our task force has been developing a healthcare proposal that highlights the very solutions we have identified. As we complete this step, we will begin to share these with local business and government entities. It appears to us that the next step for our community is to secure a planning grant and we are looking to join the Washington Rural Health Access Preservation-Community Based Long-Term Care Network as they are putting together an application to the HRSA Rural Health Network Planning Grant program.

This newly created Network stems from the state-wide planning efforts being conducted by 10 rural public hospital districts over the past year to address the growing problem of diminished skilled and senior services in rural Washington. Our Task Force members feel that it will be crucial to have a professional consultant add further financial and demographic information while firming up the details of our plan.

Once the plan is completed, it will be fully realized and shared with members of the community, relevant health and social service organizations, government agencies and policy-makers for extended development and to explore ownership, oversight, and funding sources. This process is similar to the one used by the Medical Center Guild in planning for the long-term viability of the Inter-Island Medical Clinic which resulted in the development of PeaceHealth Peace Island hospital.

This is an exciting time for healthcare. Traditional business models are making way for nimble, innovative and person-centered care. The new direction is designed to create more spokes - delivering personalized, comprehensive care options across a broad spectrum utilizing new technology and creative processes. The Task Force has extensively debated and researched current innovations and new possibilities - we look forward sharing our discoveries with you soon.

For any specific question or concerns - we have created an email exchange at sjitaskforce@gmail.com and look forward to hearing your thoughts as we continue our development and collaboration.

Community Long-Term Care Options Task Force

Evan Perrollaz

Janice Fisher

Beth Williams-Geiger

Beth Helstien

Deanna Osborne

Kyle Davies

Kathryn Clary

Julia Thompson

Dennis King

Pamela Hutchins 

Carrie Unpingco

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