Updated: Live streaming of PHD meetings ends in April; audio recordings to be posted online

Three years ago, San Juan County Council member Bob Jarman offered the county Public Hospital District #1 board the use of the Legislative Hearing room and the county's live streaming video system for the PHD's monthly meetings. Council Clerk Ingrid Gabriel volunteered to operate the recording equipment. It was assumed this arrangement was a temporary solution to a request from the public for more transparency about and easier access to PHD board operations.

After three years, the volunteer arrangement is ending after this week's meeting. According to Gabriel, the county expected the PHD to have figured out a way to provide live streaming on its own by now. 

PHD staff member Nathan Butler said the PHD will meet in the Frank Wilson EMS building and audio recordings of the meetings will be posted on the district's website within a few days of the meetings. A way to provide video recordings, not live streaming,  is being researched.  Butler noted that the meetings are public and citizens have a right to record them on their own if they'd like. Audio recordings of this year's meetings are available on the district's website on the meeting minutes page.

The next meeting is at 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at Legislative Hearing Room 55 Second Street in Friday Harbor. 


San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 5:00 pm. –

Regular Meeting, Legislative Hearing Room 55 Second Street


February 28, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes

SJCPHD#1 Warrant Approval

SJIEMS Warrant Approval


PeaceHealth Peace Island Medical Center Subsidy Report 07/01/17 to 12/31/17, Presented by Beth Geiger Williams Gieger, Director of Administrative Services

Mount Baker Planned Parenthood Subsidy Report 07/01/17 to 12/31/17

Report on old IIMC center by Bill Giesy

SJCPHD#1 OPERATIONS REPORT: Pamela Hutchins, Superintendent Financial Report

Operations Update


Financial Report

Operations Update

Vote to adopt Strategic Framework and Compact


Please limit your comments to 3 minutes per person


Committee report for Delegation of Powers document and bylaws by Dr. Schwinge

Report for the Community Collaboration Committee (CCC) by Dr. Appleton

Report for preliminary EMS/FD #3 merger talks by Commissioner Smith


Resolution 18-481 to establish dates and time for regular board meetings in 2018

Recognition for Ingrid Gabriel for services to the hospital district

Resolution 18-482 to appoint Board Recording Secretary as Tortious Agent




  • Leslie Brennan Tuesday, 27 March 2018 15:02 Comment Link

    The same company that provides the live and video streaming for the county can and should be used at the EMS building to maintain openness and transparency to the voters in this community. The cost for this service is minimal and the equipment can be purchased pretty inexpensively.

    Why would the Hospital Board want to go backward and not provide the public easy access to the decisions that are being made on important issues that effect our lives?

    The decision to not maintain this important part of public meetings destroys trust and prevents people from knowing what really goes on. Attending a meeting at 5:00pm on a Wednesday is not possible for many and although listening to an audio meeting is fascinating, seeing is believing and much more interesting as well as revealing.

    We need to continue live and video streaming the Hospital Board meetings!

    And, I agree with Dr. Fishaut. Edwards needs to go!

  • Mark Fishaut MD FAAP Sunday, 25 March 2018 06:57 Comment Link

    Fog of obstruction- a new pattern- Edwards must resign!!!


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