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Taxpayers footing the legal bill because PHD won't ask EMS Chief for documentation

A complaint regarding the San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services Chief Jerry Martin's training documentation has been filed with the state Department of Health. Instead of telling Martin to produce the documentation, three San Juan County Public Hospital District #1  commissioners - Dr. Michael Edwards, Dr. Mark Schwinge and Rebecca Smith -  voted to have taxpayers pay the cost of an attorney to  defend Martin in the investigation. 

For months, Commissioner Dr. Warren Appleton has submitted motions asking for the EMS Chief Jerry Martin  to hand over documentation about his training. Commissioner Anna Lisa Lindstrum has seconded the motions. The three other commissioners have consistently voted down the motions. Under his contract, the Board has the right to ask for the documentation. 

The DOH is conducting  two investigations about Chief Martin.  One is "failure to comply with the continuing education requirements in accordance with WAC 246-12-190 and 246-12-200" and the other "complaint alleges incompetence, negligence, or malpractice."

By a three to two vote the board agreed to cover the legal costs of defending Martin in  both investigations. 

Contact information for the Board is posted on the district's website. 



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