What does the community know about Kratom and should the county consider enacting regulations limiting the sale of the natural product?

County Health Officer Dr. Frank James presented   you know about Kratom?



I suggest a public hearing. The genesis  of the  public hearing is to learn more about this product with potential consideration for local ordinance that would at least address the issues of age and information access and disclosure of potential  harmful effects," said Rick Hughes.  Provide a buffer, not saying outlaw, but consider putting warning signs up and having an age reuierment."


Noel Monin, have dialog with local provider. 


"Remember DARE, it increased drug use it did not decrease drug use by teacning people about things they didn't know about." 

adult may pain relief without being aware or risks. 


Instruct health officer to contact Prosecutor. Potential in future to have a public hearing. 


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