The importance of knowing about restrictions placed on your healthcare provider has an article "A Miscarrying Woman Nearly Died After a Catholic Hospital Sent Her Home Three Times" about the restrictions Catholic hospital systems place on patient care. It is important that patients are aware of the fact that they might not be told all of the medical options. PeaceHealth is the hospital refererence in the article. The critical access hospital on San Juan Island is run by PeaceHealth.

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  • Lori Stokes
    Lori Stokes Tuesday, 01 October 2019 15:41 Comment Link

    My understanding is that Peace Health physicians are directed not to provide contraceptives to their patients unless it is “medically indicated.” I have tried multiple times — without success -- to get their definition of “medically indicated.” It does appear that simply not wanting to get pregnant is NOT an adequate reason. Thankfully, at least a small amount of the taxes that we pay for island health care services goes to support the local office of Planned Parenthood.

    I also understand that Peace Health physicians are not allowed to refer patients who are interested in getting information about death with dignity (which is legal in Washington state) to any organization — such as End of Life Washington, which was formerly known as Compassion and Choices — that provides such information. Not even a referral!!


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