Eventide working with Luxel on mask covers, glassblowers on ventilator splitters, telemedicine continues

Dr. William F House sent in this update about Eventide Health.

Huge thank you to patients that have reached out to request telemedicine. Out of my 18 visits Tuesday six of those were via telemedicine. We’re scheduling more every day and we’re working with other providers both in our office and outside our walls to expand this service. We had planned on rolling this out in April but COVID forced our hand. We still have occasional technical glitches but it’s been working surprisingly well and we’ve had very good feedback thus far.

Another huge thank you to Travis Ayers and his company, Luxel Corporation who we’ve been collaborating with since yesterday designing and testing N95 mask covers which will allow healthcare workers locally and perhaps even far reaching to be protected. It’s amazing to work with such a great local island company to do something that will literally save lives. We had multiple prototypes in hand today from their 3D printing capabilities.

Lastly, another huge thank you to Christy Desermeaux who, along with other local glass-blowers are designing and creating ventilator splitters which will allow ICU teams to use one ventilator to support multiple patients. Again, local talent literally contributing to saving lives. Incredibly happy to collaborate.

San Juan Island, be proud of the talent within our borders. You’re all making a huge difference. This crisis is showing us some of the best that we are. It’s easy to focus on the negative and see humanity at its worst. Time to start looking up. Keep doing your part, Friday Harbor. We’re exceptionally proud to be able to participate and contribute to your health. Stronger. Together.

- Dr. William F. House

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  • Daniel  Marder
    Daniel Marder Friday, 03 April 2020 00:26 Comment Link

    Is there an approved design for the splitters for glassblowers to follow?


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