UPDATED April 22: More good news count still 14 for San Juan County; 594 tested

UPDATE April 22: Another day without any new positive COVID-19 tests. The number of people tested is now 615. The count for positive tests in San Juan County remains at 14 with eight on Orcas Island, five on San Juan Island, and one on Lopez Island. The most recent positive test result was announced on April 14.

UPDATE April 21: No new positive COVID-19 tests. The number of people tested is now 594. The count for San Juan County remains at 14 with eight on Orcas Island, five on San Juan Island, and one on Lopez Island.

The number of positive COVID-19 test results released by the state Department of Health over the weekend was 15 which was one higher than the 14 reported by San Juan County Emergency Operations Center. Turns out the county's number was correct and the DOH site now reflects that. 

According to EOC PIO Brendan Cowan, it appears there was a mixup because the address first used for #15 was a San Juan County address. But the person lives  in King County. Once the correct address was used, the case was assigned to King County. Cowen said the county relies on talking with providers when putting together their numbers. 

So the number as of Monday, April 20 is 14.  Broken down by island that's eight positive test results on Orcas Island, five on San Juan Island and one on Lopez Island.

The DOH has a comprehensive list of results by county on its website. Also included are the statistics for results by race, gender, age and number of hospitalizations. 

The county has a case number web page which is updated about 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  As of Monday, April 20, 564 tests had been conducted. 

Here is a list of the cases so far

[EDITOR's NOTE: Links to information that cases #4, #9 and #10 have generously and thoughtfully shared with the community are posted. Sharing the info is very brave on their part as there have been reports in other locales of harrassment and worse. If that type of problem arises in the San Juan Islands, we'll stop reporting such details. Thanks for your cooperation.] 

The dates shown are the dates the information was released. 


 1. Orcas Island - Person 


 2. Orcas Island - Person who was close contact of first case


 3. Lopez Island - Person


 4. San Juan Island - Resident who was exposed at Seattle fire station where he works. He was called while on traveling home to the islands on the ferry. Stayed in car, contacted Peace Island Medical Center, was tested by a healthcare worker while in his car. Stayed home for 14 days.  MORE INFORMATION


 5. Orcas Island resident - 

 6. Peace Island Medical Center staff member. Ordinarily, the county Health Department does contact tracing. PIMC is doing its own contact tracing with advice from San Juan County Medical Officer Dr. Frank James. 


 7. San Juan Island - A San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services person. 

 8. Orcas Island - Person who is a close household member of one of the earlier Orcas Island cases. 

 9. Orcas Island -A man - half of a couple who run a farm on Orcas Island  

10. Orcas Island - A woman - half of a couple who run a farm on Orcas Island MORE INFORMATION


11. San Juan Island

12. Orcas Island


13: Orcas Island


14: San Juan Island


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