Anti-body Update from Dr. House

Here's a brief anti-body testing update from Dr. House on San Juan Island.

All previously tested known positive patients have shown to now have developed antibodies (at least from the previous antigen positive cases we tested).

We were able to find an additional case in the county that was connected to a known positive antigen case. We're doing additional antibody testing now to further evaluate these newly found cases. We noted in a previous post that our staff have all tested negative for antibodies (which was surprising due to the fact that several had been ill back near the beginning of the year).

So, it seems that the antibody testing is, at least, finding what it's designed to find in the previously known antigen positive cases. This helps us stay ahead of the curve with regard to where we go from here.

Nasal self-swab drive up testing is proving to be a definite improvement on the previous method. This testing will continue to focus on symptomatic or asymptomatic essential workers. The antibody testing will continue to focus on very specific cases related to known antigen positive cases.

- Dr. William F. House


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