Pediatrician offering telemedicine in Friday Harbor

Message from Dr. William House: Pediatric care is still vitally important during this pandemic. Eventide Health continued to accept visits for immunizations and other recommended care based on the American Academy of Pediatrics. We’re happy to announce that Dr. Mark Fishaut will begin telemedicine this week utilizing the same Zoom method we’ve been using for the past month. As he is unable to return to the clinic yet these telemedicine visits will connect you to Dr. Fishaut from his home.

Any parts of the visit that require a hands-on approach or immunization can still be done by our in-house staff at Eventide Health. His visits will follow his existing schedule closely.

Give us a call today to inquire or schedule. 360.378.1338. We’re happy to offer this service and look forward to having Dr. Fishaut back in the office soon.

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