No request made this week to state to skip to Phase 2, Might ask next week

Not one of the COVID-19 cases recorded in San Juan County has been caused by community spread, according to San Juan County Health Officer Dr. Frank James. All of the cases were brought to the islands by someone who was infected elsewhere. Of course, some family members caught the disease from a family member infected elsewhere.

On Monday, May 11 at a Special Board of Health meeting, Dr. James said he would have a letter ready by the end of this week for the BOH to review. The letter would be asking the state to grant a waiver to the county so it could skip ahead to Phase 2.

At the Friday, May 15 Special BOH meeting, Dr. James apologized for not having the letter. He said the county wasn't ready yet to move to Phase 2.  The chart above shows the areas in yellow that still need to be accomplished. He said testing needs to be readily available and he expected that will happen as soon as this weekend. By next week, he would be able to assess the compliance with the mandatory masking order, if that goes well that would be a plus for determining the county is ready. More training needs to be completed regarding contact tracing. 

If all goes well, the county may be ready by the end of next week and the BOH could hold another Special meeting.

The May 15 meeting was marred by technical difficulties but did manage to include extensive public comment. 



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  • Tom
    Tom Saturday, 16 May 2020 06:54 Comment Link

    This attack on businesses and those suffering the economic devastation must end. There is no health emergency in San Juan County, the state’s numbers are dropping, To continue these draconian measures is an abuse of power by local officials. The danger to people here is not the virus, it is the economic damage to families and businesses.

  • Dave
    Dave Friday, 15 May 2020 17:05 Comment Link

    Sorry local “non-essential” businesses. Our county health officer MAY ask to go to phase two next week. There had been no urgency to allow you decide how and when you open your business.

    Apparently, our local government has zero faith in us being able to take proper precautions for ourselves.


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