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Number of vax vs unvaxxed cases in San Juan County

Washington State Department of Health releases a weekly report of cases by vaccination status in each of the 39 counties. Until recently there was no data listed for San Juan County. In the January 19, 2022 report San Juan County numbers were included.

According to the DOH, 58.2 percent of cases in the county were in unvaccinated people. 38.9 percent in vaccinated people. The report covers cases from February to December 2021. Total cases in the report are 342. 

County | Number (%) cases in unvaccinated individuals | Number (%) cases in fully vaccinated individuals | Percent of population who are unvaccinated (12+) | Percent of population who are fully vaccinated (12+)  

San Juan | 205 (58.2%) | 137 (38.9%) | 11.4%|  86.3%

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