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New Administrative Office and Training Center opens San Juan PHD

San Juan County Hospital District #1 has opened its new administrative offices and training center at 535 Market Street Suite E. This replaces the current administrative offices at Spring Street Square, and has more space for the District’s growing operations.

In 2022, public funding began for long-term care services through the Hospital District. This involved purchasing Village at the Harbor, funding for its expansion, providing benefits for employees, adding Medicaid beds, building home care services, and creating a training center for long-term care workers. This new facility will help the District meet these goals.

Nathan Butler, Superintendent of the Hospital District, commented, “Having an up to date multi-use administrative office will be a great benefit to our community. It has space for a home care coordinator, a training center, Board meetings, and our administrative support staff. Once we begin our expansion of Village at the Harbor, we’ll also need space for a project manager. This new lease provides us with the resources to meet our expanding needs.”

The size and complexity of the District has led to the creation of a finance department that works out of the administrative offices.

Recently promoted Finance Director Steve Wambsganss noted that “The Hospital District has everything from EMS ambulance service fees to grant money and resident care fees for Village at the Harbor. We have more than seventy people on our payroll. I’m excited to work with Superintendent Butler and our new Finance Specialist, Oswyn Eshelman, to streamline and consolidate these services.”

Board Chair Anna Lisa Lindstrum added, “We more than doubled in size last year when we acquired Village at the Harbor. That’s a lot of growth to manage on its own, even before considering all of our plans to build services that the public needs and has told us they want. We’re grateful for this new space. It’s about creating capacity to do the things we know we need to do.”