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San Juan PHD April 26 meeting: Medicaid license soon for Village at the Harbor, funding allocated to Dispatch and Planned Parenthood and

LWVSJ* Observer Corps summary of San Juan County Public Hospital District # 1 April 26, 2023 meeting.

Linda McCarthy, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood, briefed the Board on the 2022 Friday Harbor Office operations. Patients received family planning, cancer screening, and STI testing. Two-thirds of patients were below poverty level. With new director Alisha Halverson ARNP in place, clinic and telemedicine visits have increased, with two days of telemedicine and one day clinic services per week.

Jennifer Armstrong, Family Resource Center, requested funding for their Health & Wellness program focused on preventative care, primarily for the uninsured latinx population. With two trained community health workers, they hold pop up clinics, provide health education services and wellness activities; for the infant/toddler Child Care Co-op and the Island Neighbors program that helps disabled and senior islanders age in place with non-medical support.

Dr. Mark Fishaut, pediatrician, spoke on the fentanyl crisis’s effect on teens and young adults across all demographics. A miniscule amount is fatal. Our community must:

1) recognize the problem;

2) educate key groups;

3) make Narcan widely available in homes and businesses.

Dr. Fishaut requested funding from PHD to expand Narcan availability.

Jack Estrada, Peace Health, answered the board’s questions on statistics and metrics. The separate registrations required for clinic services and hospital lab work affects the statistics. Peace Health is looking into Saturday clinic hours but is stymied by staffing needs.

Evan Perrollaz, Village at the Harbor, expects the Medicaid license soon. Recently, there were six residents on hospice, prompting changes to accommodate hospice residents. Caregiver staff are cross training as medical technicians. The remodel project is delayed 2-3 months. A rate change was effective April 1, with another increase January 1.

Nathan Butler, San Juan Island EMS and PHD Supervisor, attended public works training in Bellingham and is working to get local contractors on the MRSC Public Works Roster in anticipation of the Village remodel and expansion. EMS will undergo geriatric health training.

The seats held by Commissioners Lindstrom and Loring are up for election, with a May filing deadline.

The Board approved the 2023 Sheriff's Office Dispatch Agreement and a $27,500 funding request for Friday Harbor Planned Parenthood.

While supportive of the FRC $50,000 two-year request, the Board deferred action pending a general review of funding priorities.

There was a public comment on a Washington DOH program that provides free Narcan by mail to individuals and to community organizations for distribution to the public.

*The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, encourages informed participation in government. The Observer Corps attends and takes notes at government meetings to promote public understanding of public policy and decisions. The notes do not necessarily reflect the views of the League or its members.